Welcome to my information page. I am a photographer based out of Los Angeles, California, but I am originally from a little town north of Seattle, Washington. I also had the privilege to live in Tucson, Arizona while completing my engineering degree and, for a brief time, I lived in Alicante, Spain to study and eventually become fluent in Spanish.


During my life's journey, I have come to find my true passion lies within what I can do with a camera professionally and creatively. I specialize in architecture photography and feel like I have a valuable perspective to bring to the table as I have worked as an engineer and with architects for over a decade. I truly understand the entire scope and importance of a project from conception to the final result.  


In my free time, I love to travel and capture what I see with my camera and my eyes. Hanging out with my dog and family on travels makes the experience that much more meaningful. Whether you have found my page looking for someone to help with your photography project needs or just out of personal interest, I look forward to hearing from you, and thanks for stopping by.


Tel: 360.961.2477

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